About us

EKFRASIS was founded in 2006 by its Art Director Maria Labidoni. Her intention is to actively contribute in raising the level of cultural education by constantly enriching the programs, applying new methods and mainly by transmitting the love for the arts and 


The faculty of EKFRASIS, consisting of 18 experienced teachers, is committed to impart their knowledge and experience with care and respect towards students. Their creative and interpretive skills develop under ideal conditions, in a place that embraces 

and promotes their abilities and desires. Entertainment, freedom of expression and artistic spirit are inextricably connected to the values and practices of EKFRASIS. 

The school offers courses at bachelor and advanced level in the following subjects: Music, Dance, Theatre, Painting Art, Yoga lessons and teacher training programs with YogaWorks - Anna Zorzou. Additionally, it provides Music therapy and Dance-Movement Therapy sessions, seminars, and training courses. 

Additionally, EKFRASIS has taken part in festivals (Kidsfestival 2010 in Technopolis - Gazi) and has organized events for municipalities (Athens, Palaio Faliro), schools, kindergartens and organizations. EKFRASIS also collaborates with the world-renowned children's 

choir ROZARTE (first gold medal in the Olympics Choir Games, Graz 2008) with whom cooperated for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics, Athens 2010. 

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Music and Arts School

Loc.:15, Stadiou str., Nea Smyrni

Tel.: 210 9354434 & 6936662624

Web: www.ekfrasis.eu

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Art Director

Maria Labidoni has completed her studies in Piano & Fugue with Diploma and honors degree and she attended composition lessons.

She has HND in Counseling & Psychology (University of Teesside, UK and she completed an Advanced Certificate Programm (AVPT) by Dr Diane Austin in Vocal Psychotherapy at the "Vocal Psychotherapy Vancouver Institute Training" in Canada. She teaches music more than 28 years in private schools (high & elementary level) kindergartens, music schools and conservatories. Whereas she has performed in concerts all over Greece as piano - soloist and choir director. She also teaches the pre-junior group in "Rosarte Children‘s Choir. 

She is the Owner and Art Director of EKFRASIS. Under her directions, every two years a special show is organized involving all divisionsof EKFRASIS (Music, Dance, Painting Art, Drama and Yoga) where students have the opportunity to collaborate on creating a mixed presentation. Also, she has created - soon to be published - a unique and innovating educational music system "Ekfrasis Babies & Kid's Music" enriched with kinesthetic and music therapy elements. Her vision was EKFRASIS. A place where all kinds of art would coexist and that people of all ages would express themselves awakening their artistic senses. Her target is a contribution to culture and her attempt a better quality of life.

Maria Labidoni has made a career as professional basketball player. She was member and captain of the women's basketball team of Panathinaikos for 13 years. She has been member of the National Basketball Team of Greece. She has also worked as coach in several teams.